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    Will the Corona Dilemma end soon?

    Media plays a significant role in delivering and spreading the circumstances and developments in Middle East and worldwide. With the accelerated events internationally and locally, the number of websites, claiming covering the most important and critical conditions and events around, had increased. Most if not all of these websites are biased to a political party, group of people, or even minorities. 

    With the increase of those websites, press readers had been developed, but with bias. PressBee is a neutral Press Reader that does not follow any authority, party, or side, in the Middle East or worldwide. It focuses on accuracy, and republishing news as produced by their trusted sources with references to news sources and timing.

    PressBee is relying on trusted websites and news channels that have high traffic, and has its history and unique content in Media. Meanwhile press Bee’s policy is to be unbiased when republishing news exactly as were originally generated. .  

    Pressbee accepts and republishs from multiple websites, that represent different non-agreed parties. They are even conflicted parties sometimes. Since PressBee is an unbiased press reader, it has to deal with all trusted news websites and channels regardless of their point of views.

    ( PRESSBEE ) An independent news reader does not assume any liability for the material published in it because it does not express the opinion of the site.